Course curriculum

Business Course for Nurses

  • 1

    Business Basics for Nurses

    • Introduction

    • Course Introduction

    • Contact Information

    • NESU Textbook

    • The Business of You

    • Personal Growth-102

    • Creating your Personal Values

    • Building Your Personal Brand_101

    • Personal Finance 100

    • Entrepreneurial Mindset 101

    • High Self-Worth for Nurses

    • Power of Self-Care Series: Volume 1

    • How to Turn Worry into Excitement-In order to get things done!

  • 2

    Business Research for Nurses

    • Research-Module 1

    • Business Pros and Cons

    • Picking the Right Business

    • Conducting Market Research

  • 3

    Business Growth for Nurses

    • Building the Foundation

    • Tax Structure 101

    • Tax Structure Worksheets

    • Branding for Nurses 101

    • Branding Basics

    • Social Media Branding

  • 4

    Business Start-Up for Nurses

    • Connecting the Dots

    • Branding Now

    • Legal Entities 101

    • Marketing for Nurses 101

    • Business Launch for Nurses 201

  • 5

    Moving Forward

    • How to avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

    • Business Evaluation 210

    • What's Next

    • Action Guides


Senior Instructor

Dr. Sylette DeBois

Dr. Sylette is the founder of the conglomerate Dr. Sylette Enterprise Inc. and Nursing First LLC where she educates, consults, and coaches hundreds of nurses each year. Through her company, she offers inspiration and empowerment to the nursing community and health care facilities across the nation. She received her Doctorate in Nursing with a focus of Healthcare Leadership in 2017 and since then she has been non-stop trying to improve healthcare with her effective leadership style. She’s been a nurse for over 20 years and has worked in many facets of health care. As a community servant, she serves as a reviewer for the continuing education unit with the Georgia Nurses Association. She is also an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc and the nursing honor society Sigma. She recently authored 5 books with 4 of the books being self-published. She has also served as an Assistant Professor for a major nursing university for the past 6 years. Over the past 10 years, she has mentored thousands of nurses, nursing students, and nurse entrepreneurs. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs… Sister of National Recording Artist, Grammy Nominated, Fitness Expert and Entrepreneur Syleena Johnson, and Entrepreneur, University Professor, and Mogul in TV, Film, and Music Dr. Syleecia, also Daughter of the first black female police Commissioner in the United States and Celebrity Momma Brenda Thompson, and The Blues Hall of Fame Legend Syl Johnson. Entrepreneurship and greatness have been in her blood since birth. Dr. Sylette is a speaker, educator, and author who has authored, organized and spoken at various healthcare workshops. Ultimately, her goal is to provide nurses the tools to be successful in their profession. She believes that advocating for nurse success is promoting quality patient care. Sylette’s mission is to educate and inspire as many individuals in the nursing profession as she can, and nothing will get in the way of this God-given purpose. She is the Start-Up Coach for New Nurse Entrepreneurs.